Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh geez, 2012 already?

Wow, haven't bothered updating this since 2009. Time sure does fly.

Here's to hoping the second half of 2012 goes well for everyone.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, with so much shit going wrong all over the place, the car just sits around waiting for SOMETHING to happen.

Had to special order some Nismo bushings to finally put together my rear subframe.

Hopefully, shit starts happening soon because I'm getting tired of having a massive load of parts sitting around.

Most recent pic of the car.

Looks like the Z will be painted tomorrow...hopefully.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Updates brought to you by Angry Panda.

Maxima rear bumper finished.

350z front end finished.

Entire core support was replaced along with hood, front bumper, and hood hinges.

Subaru full custom paint job finished.

Angry Panda Fabrications.

We do awesome.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gah, I'm slacking!

Yeah, been too busy to update this.

Figured I'd take care of it now before I forget.


Lots of things going on this week.

Subaru practically finished.

Test fitted wheels on 350z.

Painted Audi bumper.

Painted 350z hood and bumper.

Painted Maxima rear bumper and interior trim panels.

Washed my car.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lots of work. No play.

So, been really busy this past week at the shop getting a few things ready for paint.

First up, the good ol' Z.

This thing is literally in pieces. Feels like we're parting the car out to be honest.


Here's a Suby that came in for a full paint job.

The owner tried to do it himself, but failed. So, we're re-doing the entire thing properly.

The funny thing is, we're using the exact same materials he used(not because that's what we use, but because that's what he supplied) and the blue is actually lighter than his.


His blue came out very...very dark.

Here's a few progress pics.

More progress pics tomorrow.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A late update is better than no update...right?

So, I kind of blanked out for a bit because I was too busy having fun with the girlfriend.

Shit happens.


Here's what happened over the span of a week.


My older bro had been needing a new car for the past...20 fucking years. His Altima is literally on its last legs, not to mention it isn't looking that great at this point.

4 hours, $5,000 dollars, 1 full gas tank, and a few trips to the bank later, he's the proud owner of a MINT '96 S14 SE with every option, lowered on coils with the super awesome Navan front bumper.

One hell of a deal if you ask me.

Later that day, out of boredom, I decided to throw on my newly acquired Kouki 180sx front end.

Yes, I know I already have a brand new Kouki 180sx bumper in the garage, but this one had the ultra-mega-man-rare lip.

Hmm, I have two S13's and two full sets of Kouki 180sx aero in the garage.

Looks like I'm going Kouki on both.


Back to work.

David went to town on a customer's quarter panel that had a decent amount of damage.

After that, stripped/prepped a few things and primed them.

Meanwhile David was doing that, I began working on the Z again.

Phew. It's a good thing the hardest part of the "restoration" is now complete. All that's left now is getting the remainder of the car ready for primer.


Six Flags day with the girlfriend.

Season Passes are fucking amazing. Especially when you have Season Pass Parking.

Entire day is spent pigging out on food and going on some awesome rides.


Prepping the Z some more.

Color sanding a customer's Accord front bumper/lip.


Friday was a pretty awesome day.

So much work got done.

Z front bumper emblem hole is filled with plastic epoxy, then made flat with body filler. A few minutes of sanding later, it's super smooth. Pretty much as if the emblem hole never existed. This should give the bumper a nice aftermarket look with the lip installed.

Celica prep work is all done. Masking is all done. All that's left to do now is actually shoot the thing.

After that, the S14 we've had at the shop for the longest time was color sanded and prepped to be shot this morning.

Today should be a good day.

Z color is going to be picked out and mixed today.

S14 should be painted today.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Finished products are always nice.

We finished up the S2000 at the shop.

After giving it a good wash and preparing it for the customer before the time of pick up, I snagged some shots of it.

It came in looking okay.

Now, it looks downright amazing.

I love making cars look good.